Meeting our parents!

İstanbul had been a major milestone for this journey from the very beginning. We planned cycling here and then “somehow” continuing further. Back in August, in Sarajevo, we first asked our parents whether they could fly in to Istanbul and meet us. After negotiating dates we settled for early December. As our schedule changed, so did our route and we took a big detour via Greece instead and left the bicycles in Sofia in snow as it was just too cold to cycle this far up North. So here we are 4 months later, my parents flying in from Germany to Istanbul’s Asian side airport and Nastya’s parents coming from Kazakhstan’s capital Astana to Istanbul’s European side airport. Family reunion where the continents meet. We rented an apartment in Sultanahmet via (where we also rent out our own) and explored the sites. Hagya Sophia, many mosques (but not the blue one), a visit to a Hamam (Turkish bath), the bazars, galleries, museums and of course Turkish restaurants! The weather has been a mix of few sunny days and lots of drizzle, copious amounts of Çay the Turkish black tea kept us moving and warm.