Leaving the countryside and the tranquility of the Golden Ring we take a suburban “Elektrichka” train into one of Moscow’s many railway stations that surround the city in a circle. Moscow. I spent three years of my childhood here and returned for many visits since. For my Russian wife it’s the first time, not taking into account numerous airport transfers as pretty much anything in Russia travels towards or from Moscow.

The city is huge and attracts people from all over the nation to come and try their luck, it’s as expensive as the remote areas in the Far East where we had begun our trip across Russia, but I can also see that it has changed and what ten years ago had been a lawless racetrack for expensive German cars chasing old grandmothers across 16 lane roads had become a somewhat pedestrian- and cycle-friendly megapolis. We stayed with Natasha & Kostya our friend who introduced us to one another many years ago in Prague and left DHL (my apparel sponsor :)) to work in Moscow for another German company.
We have A LOT of friends here we realize, people we know from Prague, met on the trip in Asia or across Russia. Every day we meet up and try to give a good sightseeing tour to Nastya.

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