Entering the Golden Ring

We changed direction and instead of approaching Moscow are heading North to discover the cities of the Golden Ring that surrounds Moscow. The PAZ bus from Vladimir already felt different. No, the bus is the same as anywhere in Russia, but for the first time we meet tourists and after arriving in Suzdal we blend right in with a group of Chinese and their huge cameras awaiting sunset.

Oh Suzdal, the most beautiful of all cities in Russia. Almost a village in size, but nearly entirely comprised of churches. Old, beautiful, fairly small churches along the winding Kamenka river. And we’re so lucky with the weather. Sunshine and unusual warmth so Maxim our host gets out the bicycles and we explore and enjoy the quiet surroundings, cycle through the fields and along the old paths, try local beers and medovukha – a fermented honey drink (alcoholic) that Suzdal is famous for. For lunch we arrive in one of the monasteries and enjoy traditional cooking by the nuns in an old wooden building. A great place to relax and unwind. If I’ll ever get to write a book, I’ll be back here 🙂

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