Crossing Back to Europe

The night train from Kazakhstan brought us to Zlatoust in the Ural mountain range that marks the Eastern border of Europe. We had spent nine months in Asia and every day we feel we are coming closer to home. Spices in food consist exclusively of salt now. Kartoshka replaces rice, the unconditional smiles of Asia seem far away. We’re back in Russia, but something feels different here on the border to Bashkordostan and Tatarstan.

Our couchsurfing host Artur is a few thousand kilometers away in Moscow and his friend Ignat picks us up at the train station, shows us the town and let’s us in to Artur’s apartment which features a huge home cinema. We end up staying a few days as hospitality is at it’s best, we meet lot’s of their friends and are taken to a public Banya (sauna) right away on the first day.

Later Ivan from Rostov joins us “on the couch” all while Artur is away from his home. We go hiking together in the Taganai National Park and enjoy beautiful autumn in Ural. Unfortunately it’s rather cold up here and very wet. We undoubtedly have arrived in Europe.

A great movie we watched in Zlatoust, 5 Syndey couples and their relationships.

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