Karaganda & Georgian hospitality

While Nastya returned to her parents home for another visit and some time to catch up with her sister I stayed in Karaganda with Zurab and settled in quite quickly. Daytime spent with camper van research as we’re kinda intrigued by Holly & Angus’ adventures, a young British couple whom we met in India. In the evenings Zurab and I had chats and hosted movie nights for his friends. We connected on many levels and I really enjoyed having a break from speaking Russian πŸ™‚

After a few days I left North to Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital, by night train and arrived at 5am just a few minutes after Nastya’s train. We immediately left the city by foot as we had explored it on previous trips already and the excitement of seeing golden skyscrapers has worn off since. A Russian-built van “gazelle” soon takes us towards Petropavlovsk on what feels like a German Autobahn. Petropavlovsk is surrounded by Russia on three sides and the railroad here is already operated by Russian RZhD which we find out when buying tickets the next day. Just like last time I had been here it’s endless rain and I realize more and more we’re heading the wrong way.

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