A long needed holiday!

Through Couchsurfing we met Kairat who runs a bed & breafast on the Northern shore of the famous Issyk-Kul lake which is surrounded by the Tian Shan mountain range that comprises over 90% of Kyrgyzstan. It’s beautiful here! Kairat hands us the keys to our own bungalow and spares no effort to show us the surroundings and introduce us to Kyrgyz culture. It’s these moments when we wonder why one would book a hotel in their holidays.

We meet the other guests at the fireplace cooking Kurdak in the huge cast iron “Kazan” pot. Lamb Shashlik is being grilled and handed over, I tell our travel tales in ever-improving Russian over the third round of vodka shots.
Next day in the city we see fruit trees one next to another and Nastya engages in harvesting like in good old cycling days. Soon 5 bags are filled and an endless stream of blackberries, cherries, apricots, apples and plums finds its way in our stomachs. Food tastes fantastic and I fell in love already with the numerous “tandyr” clay grills everywhere that spit out bread, samsa and fantastic meats. Kyrgyzstan is great and yet another reason why we just cannot answer the question “Which country did you like best?” anymore 🙂

Thank You for supporting our journey in it’s 23rd nation Kyrgyzstan!

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