Welcome to Kyrgyzstan

Unbelievable! 15 months have passed and we crossed yet another border to yet another country that we heard lots about and have never been. The easiest visa regime in the “Stans”. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!
We fall in love quickly. Food “real” meaning endless markets of local produce, the sweetest fruits, melons, peaches, apricots, plums, berries of all sorts and prices that wont get you a kilogram of apples in Europe. Nastya is in heaven and I’m soon reminded that maybe washing fruit before eating isn’t a bad idea.

The people are friendly and our hosts in Bishkek allow us to do what I haven’t done in months. Speak English. Despite Nastya’s daily compliments that my Russian became really good I just need a break. Hitch-hiking however is a great way to improve a language, we tell the same old story over and over, the driver turns around and gives us a crazy look, then a story of a cousin who lives in Germany or some “German” they know in the village (which is an ethnic German that doesn’t speak a word nor share the mentality). We’re popular people 🙂 Every few seconds a reminder why: It’s a live museum of Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz. Cars that you only see in old German movies are honking and crashing into another on a constant basis.

Thank You for supporting our journey in it’s 23rd nation Kyrgyzstan!

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