Heading South across Kazakhstan

We left the North-East to go and explore the South. Kazakhstan is huge, best check on the map below what the 9th biggest nation in the world looks like. Few people however are aware of it and sadly we also seem to be exploring more of it than many locals will ever do. We’re really glad we did though, as the South seems to be very different. We drive on great roads, meet happy people that invite us wherever we go. Food that doesn’t exist in the North can be found here and we really enjoy the short time we have and the people we meet.

I’m really happy to have reconnected with my friend Anara in Almaty who also spent a senior year in a Texas high school when I had been there in 1999.  She showed us around and opened our eyes to a very different Kazakhstan. Including a fantastic dinner as sadly the cuisine for the past months isn’t too varied (summers are short) and therefore most places offer the same old (poorly executed and expensive) and most people eat at home. We sample across the whole menu and I leave with a big smile. Thanks for the fantastic day and making time to show us around!

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