Novokuznetsk (without Dostoevsky)

Finally we’re in Novokuznetsk. It’s our host Vera here who invited us for a change of plans and hiking in the mountains for a week and luckily our free schedule allowed 🙂

Her parents made time to pick us up at the train station in the morning, we came together on the night train but had reservations in different carriages. Us being cheap we reserved the seating carriage which actually was placed in the rather fancy “kupe” carriage. So we paid half the “platskart” fee and had double the luxury – well, at least a door and our own space for a few hours.
Nastya is here with a mission. To replace my shoes. It’s not even funny anymore and no wonder they had walked a lot of miles and stepped in a lot of sh..allow waters. I found a Belorussian shoe shop in the mall and was reminded of my Dad’s stories from a recent business trip. And he was right – superb “hand made like” stitching, real leather and comfort while looking civilized (and not too Russian) the equivalent of 35 Euros exchanged, I can get on a hitch hiking truck again and not be afraid to take my shoes off 🙂

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