Abakan, Republic of Khakassia

Russia is very diverse and while you will hardly ever hear a language other than Russian and Vodka is still connecting people more than anything there are many different ethnicities with their own culture living in this big land.

Like our host Ivan, who is of Polish decent and hosted us in Abakan before and after our mountain camping trip in Ergaki/ Sayan. He also took on three young archaeologists who just returned back from a month long camp in the Tuva Republic, a Russian land and its people very similar to Mongolia(ns). We’re spending the evenings at home. Lot’s of tea with everyone dipping their tea spoons in the big honey jar and exchanging stories.
Ivan takes Nastya and me to his baptist church for a few hours on Sunday, we like to visit places of worship just like administrative offices in the countries we visit. Sometimes it’s hard to explain how culturally different these places can be. The church is overcrowded, people very devoted, big plasma screens displaying the “lyrics” with a young guy running the sound mixer and the subtitle app. Very modern with very traditional values.
However sitting there in row five I just couldn’t forget about the smiling buddhist monks of Asia. We’re going home and despite the distance we’re culturally almost there 😦

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