Almost 1000 km to hitchhike and a slow start in a crane going 60 km/h on bad roads. It’s all unpredictable, but we still have a tent worst case. We were spoiled in countries like Indonesia where hitch-hiking isn’t known, but typically the first or second car would stop for us and take us along. Despite language issues.
Finally we sit in a big American truck moving fast, but knowing we won’t quite make it to Krasnoyarsk. We will be close and reach in the morning. Time to search for a campable spot on the map. This is when our driver slams the breaks, stops the truck, opens the hood and climbs inside the engine. Sunset over the Siberian Taiga.

In Russia nothing is predictable. The truck’s engine had failed, very few cars passing by and it’s getting dark. Nastya calls to action and soon manages to stop Kostya and Natasha and we explain. They’re on the road all day already and will drop us in Krasnoyarsk at midnight. 180 degree change, no sleeping in the wild – not today. Their music selection is amazing, we “shazam” every song and agree to meet up in two days to copy the whole playlist. Lesson Learned: Never give up and the shittiest day may turn sweet in the end.

At midnight we meet our friend Sergey in front of a tank monument. We haven’t seen each other since January in India where we stayed with the same couchsurfers in Mysore. He introduces us to his friend Anya who we’ll stay with, a very energetic girl. Both make a lot of time to show us around, feed us, take us on a hike to Stolby and show us Krasnoyarsk – a city that feels quite different from other Russian cities. Very hipsterish – I mean this isn’t London or Berlin, but we see a lot of young people looking a lot less uniform, guys wearing beards, cyclists and a whole island in the mighty Yenisey river with hundreds of people engaged in all kinds of recreational activities. We enjoy KRSK a lot. It’s a green city with fit people and the sun is shining every day. Different from my first Siberia experience 10 years ago 🙂

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