Great Baikal Trail

It’s become a bit of a routine on our journey since dropping the bicycles in Bulgaria. Long hikes. Today along the north-western shore of Baikal, from Severobaikalsk to Baikalskoie. Numerous volunteering organizations (with many Germans involved) gradually improve what’s called the Great Baikal Trail around the lake. Endless nature, few people and relaxing tranquility reward the wanderer. I recorded the track and contributed on openstreetmap.

We grouped up with two ladies who we met at our hostel and after 90 minutes of searching found the trail. Halfway through the hike we experienced Russian hospitality at its best, two families from a BAM town close by, spending their summer on the lake’s shore, invited us to join for lunch and a few rounds of motivating alcoholic beverages. Thank You Volodya & Vera!

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