Khabarovsk and up the Amur river

We arrived very late with the truck that brought us 400km, but received a fantastic welcome by our hosts Lena & Kostya in Khabarovsk. We explored the town, noticed many cyclists and lot’s of green, but also were confirmed that there is indeed no more “Meteor” ferry service up the magestic Amur river to Komsomolsk. Two options bus or train. Bus is faster and cheaper but most likely will leave us sick and won’t allow us to enjoy ourselves as much as taking the 12h train.

Now our travel experience kicks in and we compare Russian sleeper to Indian sleeper, loving the hot water samowar and tea that comes with it, but missing the fans and extra space that allowed me to stretch out in India. Most of all though we miss the Indian rate of 5$/1000km and the endless stream of merchants supplying you with Biryani and Samosa. The Russian Taiga offers endless nature instead and the little food for sale is mostly centered around dough and potato. I realize we’re heading back now. Gone are the days of following the horizon and exploring more of the unknown tomorrow.

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