Located in the center of Vietnam Huế had been the location of one of the fiercest battles in the Vietnam war. We arrive after a short bus ride from Da Nang on our across the country ticket and find a hostel one minute away from the bus company’s office. Like a well-oiled machine we had consulted already tripadvisor, foursquare and the Vietnamese app “” and ventured into the 37 degree heat to dicover more food. There are a few vegetarian places here as Huế has a sizable Buddhist community and Buddhists here eat vegetarian twice a month.

The town is very touristy though, we got more attention from touts, fought inflated pricing and didn’t enjoy as much as the days in Danang with our friend Tien. The intense heat didn’t help either so we decided to get up at 4am the next day and wander around early. Just like in Da Nang the city seemed completely exchanged. Lot’s of locals on the road, preparing for their days, coffee with local prices and no tourists running around in little to no clothing showing more skin than we needed to see.
Especially female backpackers dress horrendously and I can only guess how locals perceive these “dresses” all over South East Asia. Speaking of skin and obesity levels, the Vietnamese are very fit. They exercise in the morning, but love to take their scooters for every little ride just as much as in the other ASEAN nations we travelled. The secret must be in the abundance of greenery and herbs that are complimentary with every dish you order and find their ways in chicken, beef or snail soups. Every day we’re thinking how lucky we are that there’s a sizable Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic and apart from that we cannot wait to come back and spend more time than these mere two weeks in our rush North before winter transforms Siberia.