The Russian beach town NHA Trang

Our memory of the coastal city Nha Trang is mostly made up of Russian tourists (though less obtrusive as usual, or we did a good job staying away from the usual places) and a great massage (2.75$/ 60 min). Nastya’s masseuse was blind (as many here are) and commented her on being very beautiful and having a body like a Vietnamese, not like a Russian 😀 It’s not only these moments when we smile a lot in Vietnam. People are very friendly, tourist pricing is moderate and only really annoying in the most touristy places. Not quite as laid back as Indonesia, but a healthy mix of bustling and enjoying life with great food and the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Our Sinh Tour bus ticket is a ticket that brings us across Vietnam from South to North and allows us to get off in different places along the way and stay as long as we’d like during a whole month of ticket validity. A great concept that spares the traveler from finding out where buses, bus stations and tickets are- if there are any at all. We do however take the bus here as Vietnam is yet another country where the concept of hitch-hiking is unknown. With our limited Vietnamese we opted not to try our luck and patience, but get on nightbuses that drop us at the next destination early in the morning and basically also serve as accomodation. The downside is that you don’t see much of Vietnam this way, but we already know we’ll be back (maybe with bicycles 🙂 ).

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