1st days in HCMC

HCMC? Ho Chi Minh City as Saigon had been renamed to in 1976 is our home for the first couple of days in Vietnam. Our lovely couchsurfing host Khanh gives us a great briefing on Vietnam and the Russian consulate keeps us busy in sorting out a Russian visa for Sascha. Unfortunately Russia prefers the application to be handed in in the place of residence, so we had been denied in Kuala Lumpur already and will keep trying.

HCMC feels great. On our first walk out of the airport we already saw dozens of street food stalls with lots of unknown dishes. I have been studying this great post: “25 must eat places in Saigon” and marked all the locations on the map so we can easily explore while wandering around the city. It’s bustling, millions of scooters around at anytime. Crossing a road is best attempted with closed eyes and lots of faith. People are very friendly and helpful, as far as we can tell there is little price cheating going on and considering the difficulty of the language (compared to Bahasa Malay/ Indonesia for the last 2 months) we’re thankful for every word of English that’s spoken. Tomorrow morning at 6 we’re off to the Mekong Delta. This must be the first time on this trip where we’re on top of our blog posts 🙂