Java’s West, more food!

Leaving Yogya by train we arrived in Jakarta at midnight and had 6h till our train left for the Western coast. We walked to the departure station and realized that we had stumbled upon the red light district. Ladies in the shortest skirts and streetcarts selling condoms instead of Nasi Ayam. I had a look at the maps and we found a cicilized hotel close by that allowed us to crash on their sofa in the lobby. 5am we left back to the station that now had converted and looked like any place in Indonesia.

Almost at the coast we got off the train and spent two days with brilliant couchsurfing hosts who took us on a culinary journey. We tried some roasted duck, sweet martabak with cheese and raisins and many other dishes that we had not yet tried. Thanks Bayu!

The remaining 20 kilometers to the ferry we hitch-hiked with the highway security patrol who dropped us right at the ferry, a kilometer behind the ferry ticket counter so we crossed three lines of security in reverse direction and luckily so as we wouldn’t have known which of the several ships to choose. Bye bye Java!

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