Chilling out in Yogyakarta

If you’d ask for a recommendation on where to go in Indonesia we’d recommend Yogyakarta as a base. It’s a student city, rich in culture and history and the most affordable place we came across in all of Indonesia. In fact we often thought we might be subjected to special “white skin” pricing in other parts of the country when we weren’t, it’s just so much more expensive compared to “Yogya”.
Just like in Bangkok we stayed in a “House for Everyone”, run by famous Russian traveller and hitch-hiking guru Anton Krotov.
A nice oasis for backpackers and a break from endless “How are you, Mister?” questions when walking the street. Most people here are from post Soviet countries, but while we were there, we also met travellers from Slovakia, France, Italy, Argentina and Wendy & Jurek a Polish-Australian couple travelling Melbourne-Europe overland (with more success than us). They blog about their adventures on It’s usually around 20 people that stay here.
The walls are plastered with travel knowledge. Ferry schedules and prices, wholes in fences to overpriced tourist sights, maps of the world showing routes off the beaten track like ferry links between Russia and South Korea or connections from Alaska to Russia’s Far East. The people have interesting stories to share (those that speak English as well as those that don’t). We meet a Russian girl “Sasha” who is crossing Indonesia on a motorcycle and had travelled Afghanistan solo a few times (no problems, good fun, might be easier as a couple).
Exactly the kind of company I very much enjoy, certainly different from Western European 18 year olds in a Bangkok hostel 🙂

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  1. Nice work! I worked in Yogya for a few months two years, love it there. Hire a motorbike and head up to Kaliurang on Mt Merapi, nice views and you get to see all the damage from the volcano and all the crazy sand mining! Also, you said you wanted to go up a volcano? Head up Merapi (you have to go from the other side), you can see the glowing inside – well worth it!

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