Bali’s North – Where are all the Aussies?

Being the converted Czechs that we are, we did want to climb a mountain in Indonesia, or rather a volcano of which there are plenty here. Me being a bit allergic to tourist treatment however, we decided to approach Batur lake in between Bali’s highest peaks from the North as all tours and drivers (Hello Sir! Taxi?) come from the South and we therefore might be able to “sneak in”. The last car dropped us in 500m elevation right where the road seized to exist.

A deserted trail leads up the mountain, the gps (!) giving the only assurance that we’re heading the right way as all locals we meet ask us “Where you go?” and insist that we should go back and come via the road in the South. Somehow I manage to convince Nastya that everyone is wrong and I know the way.

The scenery is stunning and after two hours of climbing we even meet locals that invite us for a coconut that the husband gets in 12m hight over our heads. Life is good, but where will we sleep? We explore many of the numerous temples along the way, all pretty campable we decide. Everyone else here goes up on a Japanese scooter. People walking causes mild confusion with everyone we meet. We must be poor people, why else would you walk?

Almost on top we meet a family on their farm (vertical farm, it’s steep) and they allow us to sleep in their little shed where we pitch our tent. Next morning we continue up and have breakfast with a hilltribe (that tries to rip us off after a young guy on a motorcycle “gave them instructions” in Balinese). I guess if you’re as pale as we are you can walk all you want without really being thought of as poor πŸ™‚

As a reward the driver of the second car that picks us up invites us to join a ceremony. It’s held once in a lifetime when a child’s first tooth comes through. Lot’s of people, gamelan music, food and we get A LOT of attention. Up here in the mountains in the North Bali is really nice πŸ™‚

Thank you for thinking about us and your support!


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  1. So great – will you becoming to Singapore?? We’ll be away June 20 to July 12th.. Otherwise we’d love to see you and we have a spare bed for you!! xoxox


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