Arrival in Bali

Hello Sir, Taxi? Bali is not exactly a recent discovery on the backpacker trail. We were made to realize right after landing in Denpasar airport (Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur). Touts and taxi drivers everywhere, prices inflated to 10x the local rate and lot’s of Australians around who are on a quick (and cheap) leave from what has become a very expensive country to live in (Australia that is).

Our only reason to go to Bali was to be able to meet our friend Teri who left Prague for Australia a few years ago and naturally meeting up in person doesn’t get easier with thousands of kilometers between. We finally met her family and enjoyed the time together, (and the first beers in a long time).

From here we started hitchhiking back to Malaysia with a few thousand kilometers to go 🙂 Bali became nice once we met the locals that picked us up on the side of the road. Unfortunately the big tourism industry in Bali’s South has covered up the hospitality and friendliness of the Balinese. Almost everyone here is Hindu though in retrospective we were reminded of India much more in other parts of Indonesia 🙂 We even learned a few words in the local Bali language. If you go (and it actually is nice), avoid the South 🙂


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