KL [kay-el]

KL as Kuala Lumpur is being referred to by about anyone that’s ever been to this agglomerate of municipalities has become our home base in South East Asia (SEA 🙂 ).

As Sascha’s ex-employer runs a second facility in close by Cyberjaya we have quite a number of friends here that we know back from Prague times. Thank you Marena & Phil for taking us in and spoiling us with culinary treats and the company of people who bring their own bags to do grocery shopping. We already thought we were the only sample of that species 🙂

With Air Asia operating cheap flights to the region out of KL (and therefore being something like the (only) public transport option) it’s very easy for us to branch of with very little luggage and only take along those things we really think we’ll need. That leaves merino wool underwear and -20 degree sleeping bags out on a trip to Indonesia.

A home away from home also allows us to catch up online, plan the further route, update the blog and do maintenance on laptop and phones with ever-frustrating apple software updates and harddisk space close to zero as we acquired gigabytes of photos as well as music and movies from people we met on our journey.

I put a few comments in the random pictures below, our visit to an Indian wedding and an Indian festival stick out a bit. (That festival was crazier than anything we’d seen in India – we actually miss it already 🙂 )


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