Kuala Lumpur with Prague friends

We are lucky to have a few friends in the Kuala Lumpur area. A few days were spent at Alan’s parents’ home where his mom’s baking made us miss Europe even more. We were trying to convince her to open a polish bakery – so delicious! Before Alan flew to Bangkok, we visited Kosta and his wife Farah who we met last time in November ’14 in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Kosta and Sascha were colleagues in the DHL datacenter in Prague, Kosta since has moved to the data center in Cyberjaya just South of KL.  Staying over gave us a bit of a timeout from continuous life on the road and allowed us to plan a bit, schedule our itinerary, get in touch with friends and family via skype, sorting through a million photos and update the blog.

Big thank you to Alan’s family and Farah & Kosta for taking great care of us! We enjoyed the malay cooking lessons with Farah a lot, certainly not losing any weight while in Malaysia 🙂


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