The Rose of the North

We finally made it to Chiang Mai. The place that we planned to visit straight after leaving Bangkok and only reached now, after a week-long detour. Welcome to Thailand’s 4th largest city. We took a room in a hostel for 5 EUR as we were a bit exhausted from camping and needed a somewhat civilized environment. The hostel was full of German and French Farang as Chiang Mai a popular place to get an organized tour of mountain biking, bamboo rafting, elephant riding, trekking and other activities in Northern Thailand. The Old Town is surrounded by a city wall in square shape and very walkable. We were just exploring and discovering in the city that has positioned itself as Creative city. And indeed there are plenty of handicraft boutiques, designer shops and museums. Trying to find a new camera phone was high on our agenda. Sascha posted in the local couchsurfing forum to see where there might be a good place to buy. We went, but it all seemed a bit overpriced and we weren’t really sure what to get either, so we postponed. Apart from that there are many ancient and unbelievably beautiful temples – Chiang Mai used to be the capital of Lanna Kingdom, so the style of architecture, arts, food, customs and even the language are influenced by Lanna.

Oh how do we miss a piece of cheesecake over a nice coffee. We’d be happy to send you (or your mom) a postcard in return. Khorb Khun Kaaaaaaaa!
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