Welcome to the future!

Bangkok 4am – a modern airport like (almost) anywhere in the world. The cute ladies at the mobile phone provider’s booth tell us that their system won’t allow selling sim cards till 6am so we decide to wait and Nastya has half a nap. She found a place for us to stay which is basically a flat of a guy who offers travelers to crash for a few nights and use shower and wifi. Google transit finds a route and we’re on a skytrain out of the airport. Gliding over Bangkok in an air-conditioned train latest now we realize just how different it is from Kolkata a few hours ago. No wonder as we’d soon find out, we arrived in the year 2558! Thailand is clocked on the buddhist era 543 years ahead of most of you 🙂

We arrive at “Anton’s Mansion” (it’s on foursquare as well) and secure some space on the floor as there are around 12 Russians staying already. It’s around 8am and people slowly get up, but we’ll get some long needed sleep first.

The Russian backpackers here don’t throw around big bills as we’d seen in many places elsewhere. Many are on very long journeys having burnt through their budgets some months ago, but not feeling ready to return home just yet. Time for us to get some advice on how to travel South East Asia on a dollar a day – certainly a lot less than the Lonely Planet SEAsia on a shoestring budget of 30$ a day.

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