Kolkata was a one day visit after another 30h train from Varanasi. As we had already booked our tickets to Bangkok (our 4th flight,  after talking so much about overland traveling :D). We had the whole day to spend in Kolkata which made a really nice impression on us. India back in times. Old but beautiful colonial style buildings, busy buzzling street markets, rusty rickshaws pulled by manpower, craftsmen on every corner and old yellow Ambassadors. And unforgettable delicious Bengali cuisine – amazing rich curries. I tried many dhals in different countries on this trip but Kolkata is the winner. 🙂 The whole day we simply spent walking through the markets and ate what we had not yet tried in India spending our last rupees. I was a bit sad about leaving India, the country that is not so easy to travel (we were missing sidewalks on the streets at times all the time 🙂 ), sometimes we felt exhausted and like having enough but India is definitely unique and there is always more and more to see and do. Kolkata is one of the cities I would like to visit again. After enjoying silence in Sri Aurobindo park and having fantastic less-than-a-dollar dinner, we took a bus to the airport. Soon we would end up in a completely different world.