HelpX with a Sikh family

Not far from Dehradun we had planned to stay at another HelpX project. A little ayurvedic farm run by a Sikh family just outside Rishikesh on the edge of an enormous National Park. Therefore it was exceptionally clean, green and quiet – just the right place to blend back in to Indian reality.

Here we met Angus and Holly two young British artists who live in a camper van in Portugal when they’re not traveling around. They were great company and we had a fantastic time exploring the nature around us as well as the Nepali/ Indian cuisine that was prepared by a young Nepali couple who were running the guest house. Work was very little, but even in a remote place like this the word spread quickly so lot’s of (male) visitors appeared out of nowhere asking questions and inviting us for a drink. At night we’d occassionally hear noise and rush upstairs to see where the elephants had entered from the national park across the river. Unfortunately our Tata Docomo sim card wasn’t working in that part of India so our host Raju’s son Sonu agreed to come over to share internet from his phone to give us our daily fix as well as a lesson in bhangra dancing and Sikh culture. Internet wasn’t quite enough to update the blog or our airbnb profile so we’d journey into Rishikesh every couple of days and get on a broadband line. How did Marco Polo cope I wonder?

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