A short but intensive stay. Lucky us our friend Aash hooked us up with his friend Shailesh in Delhi and we had a great introduction to what makes India truly magnificent for travellers. Spirituality.

Indians more like any other nation I know have always been exploring the spiritual world and having spent merely 2 months in India I don’t feel in any way competent to even write a few lines on that topic as I feel I barely scratched the iceberg. Delhi was a stopover on our way to Dehradun on the foot of the Himalayas where we signed up for a 10 day Vipassana meditation (more on that in the next post). We were mildly scared and had lots of questions. I mean – not talking for 10 days? No communication of any means? Unless you’ve been to Guantanamo recently I suppose you haven’t experienced that in your life. Not even talking about what traumatic experience from the past the meditation might bring to surface. Shailesh took care of most of our worries, while his maid ensured proper nutrition (who knows what we’ll get to eat for the next 10 days – better stock up on some extra calories) We copied some music which would probably get tagged as “World music” by genre but it’s exactly the stuff I like. Music thats popular in a certain place, with a certain group of people that will never make it on the radio anywhere else in the world where we get to listen to “Last Christmas” over and over again. Great pakistani tunes. The harddrive is filling up…

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