the Volkswagen city of Pune (Maharashtra)

we arrived to Pune early in the morning after a sleepless night on a sleeper bus and we were not worried about anything as we were going to stay with my friend Manisha who I met back in Czech Republic while working at Skoda. And by a huge surprise, another friend of mine from Skoda times, Saurav arrived to Pune next day just to see us. We had good fun in Prague and we were all looking forward to the reunion. Manisha and her husband Abhijeet took a very good care of us. We had a great tour of Pune: relaxing walks in the calm green Osho park, we failed to visit Osho ashram though as they require an HIV test :D; a visit to the fortress, a short tour of Aga Khan Palace where Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned, strolling through the busy market streets where I could not resist to buy a pair of traditional Maharashtra shoes. We tried all the best local specialties, so many sweets and we probably had the best ice cream ever. The guys took us to the “Village” restaurant. It is not just a restaurant with fantastic fresh and tasty North Indian cuisine but also a place to learn Bollywood dancing from the locals. Ones the music starts playing, all visitors forget their plates with naans and gravies and just run to the dance floor. Literally everyone regardless their age. Being Russian or in general a foreigner it was fascinating to see people dancing and sincerely having fun without a drop of alcohol. It was a great TASTY evening with loads of dancing, head massage and even a palmist telling me the future 😀
Thank you Manisha, Abhijeet and Saurav for being with us, sharing your culture, life with us and taking care of us in Pune. We had such an enjoyable time with you! I am sure on our next India trip, we will visit Manisha’s and Abijeet’s natives Rajastan and Bihar and stop by Hyderabad and Nagpur to see Saurav.