Mumbai (Bombay)

Mumbai would teach us a lesson in regards to prejudices (and we shouldn’t have needed one of those anymore!) I did not want to go. I did not need to see a huge slum, a mega city of something like 18 million people, many of them hanging on to trains or riding on the roof. Endless traffic, dust, smog, honking – basically India under a magnifying glass. That’s how I envisioned Mumbai. Well, it was all different and I’m happy I found out!

As we were staying close by with our friends in Pune, going to Mumbai without big luggage on a morning commuter train somehow sounded like the right thing to do. We booked “unreserved” tickets to “CST” short for Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus which used to be Victoria station, an impressive building like many more we were about to see. Mumbai is probably the closest to colonial architecture – preserved – I have seen anywhere. It’s really beautiful, with what seemed like no traffic at all. Walkable, almost cyclable with connected sidewalks and a big promenade along the beach.

With all the recommended sites marked on the gps we enjoyed one more than any other. The street food market at Khau Galli. This needs an urgent export to Europe!


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  1. Yes. We watched it in Istanbul and liked it but after 2 months here we have to smile a lot watching it. Regards from Varanasi!


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