Mysore – IT crowd, palaces and finally a belly bug :)

The ex-capital of the Mysore Princely Kingdom was voted as India’s second cleanest city (citation missing 🙂 ). It’s certainly not as huge as others and therefore pleasant to discover by foot. A beautiful palace (built by the Brits due to “accidental fire” taking down the original one) and a railway museum – yay!

Our hosts were fantastic. We stayed in two houses, both with flatmates that all work on different Infosys projects for international clients like Boeing. The guys were very open-minded and we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere with every evening turning into a little get-together with music life or from the box (below). Lot’s of other couchsurfers as well. We met Sheena and Sam of who cycled Europe like we did, but now continued traveling with their bikes camping in India and meeting tigers while doing so 🙂 Needless to say we exchanged lot’s of stories from Balkans and cannot wait to meet up again – hopefully with our bikes 🙂

Sam also gave me the idea to integrate a support button to the blog to allow our readers to sponsor a new t-shirt for myself or an extra steak for Nastya 🙂 Check it out – I’d be happy to find out if it works.

All things happen for a reason so most of this wouldn’t have happened if i wouldn’t have caught a belly bug and be put to horizontal position with 39 fever for 2 days. Now I’m back up enjoying the variety of curries to the fullest. Thanks for the extra days in Mysore belly bug!


3 thoughts on “Mysore – IT crowd, palaces and finally a belly bug :)

  1. Hallo Ihr Lieben,
    wir sind diesmal stark beeindruckt von den vielen Bildern und dieser uns noch fremden Kultur.
    Wir freuen uns für Euch, dass Ihr so schöne Erlebnisse hattet und sicher noch habt.
    Bei uns wird langsam Frühling und die Kraniche tanzen bereits auf unsere Wiese.
    Bleibt gesund und viele liebe Grüße
    Opa Manfred und Steffen


  2. Vielen lieben Dank! Wir genießen definitiv die viele Sonne die uns durch den ganzen Winter begleitet. Alles Gute vom Fuße des Himalaya Gebirges


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