Exploring beaches along the Southern Shore..

We continued further down South to Ambalangoda where the bus got stuck in thousands of people heading for a presidential rally. It’s one day before elections and nobody could yet foresee the glorious victory of Maithripala Sirisena against Mahinda Rajapaksa, supposedly the most prominent Lamborghini owner in all of Sri Lanka 🙂 Nonetheless he seems to have a lot of support in this chanting group of people we ended up in with our backpacks.

This time we’d stay with a buddhist family of 4, enjoyed a birthday party, great chats with their children, a visit to a mask museum, empty beaches a turtle sanctuary and needless to say fantastic cooking.

Off we went to Galle an old dutch fort and probably the most beautiful place with colonial architecture we’d seen on the whole island. Hosted by a french gentleman who runs a boutique hotel in the Galle Fort. We got insights into the expat world and inspiration in regards to how to combine life in Europe as well as in this exotic island in the Indian ocean. Nastya was lucky enough to get professional treatment by a charming Ayurvedic doctor who prescribed what feels like 3kg of additional backpack weight in herbs, extracts and pills (looks like catshit 🙂 ) that now work their amazing ways through our bodies. Funnily he hosted us in his home in Unawatuna the most popular beach among young westerners coming to SL, where we had just been a week ago for New Years 🙂

sorry no comments but should be self-explanatory.. check the scorpion!