Serene Villa Madampella – our basecamp

Lucky us to have met our helpx host Janaka who generously allowed us to set camp in his country home. Our tasks here focus mainly on cleaning and working on the website and the airbnb profile of the estate which I set up. As it’s a villa they even qualify for the free airbnb photographer who should be coming any minute. The estate is run by Raja and Sameer who cook delicious curries throughout the day. We’re being spoiled. It’s mostly sunny with occasional rain, therefore we don’t make use of the huge pool all that often. Lot’s of dogs and two cats live with us as you’ll see. Surrounding us are endless rice paddy fields and coconut plantations. Serene indeed. Other than that proper village life and prices. Good for us to find out what things do cost as we’d realise soon enough. In bigger cities and touristy places we therefore haggle hard and sometimes pay even less than locals. Nastya doing a great job fighting over 10 rupees with the few conductors that try to cheat us in tourist destinations. As anywhere this is not about being rich(er), but about principle.