We’re up early every day now..

.. mostly as we moved further East. Our new timezone is Indian Standard Time. We’re 4.5 hours ahead of Central Europe which for the first time in this trip allows Nastya to chat with her parents throughout the day πŸ™‚ Warm clothes stowed away and flip flops out. Past immigration with our Online Visa on Arrival took a mere three minutes. A relief after the 7 visits I paid to Indian embassies in the past year. Well done Sri Lanka.

We “quickly” buy a local SIM card (6$ for 30 days and 6GB of data) unfortunately Airtel who I liked on my business trip to India a year ago doesnt have the fastest network in Sri Lanka. anyway we’re online everywhere and without the hassle this would have caused in Turkey for example (passport registration, import tax, phone block after two weeks).

Our helpx host Janaka was kind enough to come to the airport in the middle of the night and gave us a lift to his 2nd home in the countryside “Serene Villa Madampella”. A quick overview on the pictures we took after a looong nap till noon:


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