Kayaköy – or Λιβίσσι, on the Lycian Way

I’m really not sure if I have ever been to a 5000 year old village. Luckily our hosts gave me a book on Kayaköy (Livissi in Greek) right after our arrival so I could read up a bit on the history of the Lycian people, their state and the common history of Turkish and Greek, Christians and Muslims in the Ottoman empire until in 1923 it was decided to send all Greek to Greece and settle all Turkish/Muslim from Greek territories in what is now Turkey. (Lausanne Treaty, ending World War I for Turkey, 5 years late).

This place, like our whole journey, is a big lesson in history as we’re travelling through the Ottoman empire since Hungary and it’s fascinating to see how much influence in language, food and customs this rule has left all over the Balkans. I may have said this before, but I’m especially thankful for the influence on food and it’s a pity the Ottomans didn’t make it to Prague. Thank You Austria! 😉

Back to Kayaköy. It’s a ghost city now, but luckily there have been no efforts in preserving, restoring it in a sterile manner (as you would in Germany). It’s exposed to sun and weather and decaying. With every step walking through you can imagine the life that once took place here. Houses, walkways, chimneys – it’s almost coming back to life.

Big Thank You to our HelpX hosts for this amazing first “working day”!