Selçuk and Ephesus

Turkey attracts many tourists from all over the world and doesn’t require visas in most cases either. Tourists from Korea, Japan and increasingly China visit the country mostly to explore the cultural heritage though. They leave the beaches and skin cancer to the Europeans. We took a train form İzmir to Selçuk, 77km to the South. A sunny day (like most in this years November) we checked into a small hostel run by a Turkish/ Japanese couple and off we went to explore the largest collection of Roman ruins in the Eastern mediterranean. That was the plan at least, we got stuck at the market buying tangerines (“mandalin” in Turkish) for 1 lira a kilo (less than 0,40 Eur), this led to an unbalanced diet for once :).

After a nice walk we arrived at the Efes grounds, had a look at some ruins and decided to skip on 2×30 lira entrance and instead hike back through surrounding villages, manadalin fields and more ruins. Stealing mandalin was far more exciting than bus loads of Koreans buying souvenirs.