Turkey – crossing the European side and leaving to Asia

After our first night in Turkey and exploring the beautiful Süleymaniye mosque in Edirne we walked East to get out of town. I barely had my thumb up when Anıl stopped and we hopped in. Our plan was to go 20km direction Istanbul and turn South heading towards Çanakkale.Anıl works as a sailor and enjoyed a few weeks off being at home. Sun shining, when he heard of our plan he called his girlfriend in a city that’s on our route and changed his plan to drive us all the way there. Once we arrived plans were changed again and he took the girlfriend and us on a day trip around Gallipolli peninsula. This was the site of a huge World War One battle and we explored monuments as well as a nice exhibition on Anzac Köy. The Brits together with Indian, Australian and New Zealand forces tried to occupy the territory and were fought back by the Ottoman empire fighting alongside Germany. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was commanding one of the 5 divisions here and the battle as well as the site is of major importance for the Turkish nation. It’s a beautiful place, hard to imagine the enormous toll this battle took on both sides. Anıl dropped us at the ferry station on the European side of the strait of Marmaris. Our 20km ride turned into a 200km daytrip with great lunch and sightseeing. Turkish hospitality! 30 minutes later we arrived in Çanakkale. What an easy hitchhike today! Teşekkür ederim Anıl, and sail safe!


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