Weekend excursion to Plovdiv

With Sofia in snow we were happy to leave and meet up with our friend Kosta and his wife Farah in Kostas hometown Plovdiv, Europes oldest city, that had been put on the top ten of places to visit by Lonely Planet in 2015. Rightly so. It’s a beautiful city (and much warmer than Sofia).

Considering the snow and the temperatures we left the bicycles in Sofia and try our luck hitchhiking to Plovdiv. After reading up on Hitchwiki and Hitchbase as to how and where to catch a ride we set off and about 10 minutes into “thumbing” we caught a ride with a young couple all the way to Plovdiv. They usually hitchhike themselves, but went by car this time. We had a bit of a chat in English and read our books for the remainder of the 170km journey. Success!

Kosta lives in Malaysia now and was in Bulgaria visiting. We spent two days together sightseeing and enjoying a lot of nice food. (As usual).