taking a(n overdue) break in Sofia, Bulgaristan

lucky us that we have a Swedish friend who moved from Prague to Sofia and allowed us to turn his home into a two week campsite as well as a permanent storage for half of our gear and the bicycles. Thank you Clabbe! We had a great time. The weather was a mix of autumn and winter, we therefore enjoyed staying inside. Spending countless hours on facebook, visa and flight research and filled up our hard drive with amazingly fast torrent downloads. Bulgaria is Internet heaven! Felt great to have a home after months of nomadic travel across Europe. I was in for a treat as Nastya decided to spend half day every day in the kitchen cooking up the fantastic veggie market downstairs. We made great use of the oven, that we had access to for once and as you’ll see below Nastya did excellent in fattening us up for the cold winter months.