crossing the border to Bulgaria (and autumn)

Entering Bulgaria after Greece meant an immediate drop of prices for about everything. Our new reference value next to beer is a glass of honey, 4-5 EUR in Bulgaria for a kg. I think we bought three glasses already πŸ™‚

In Bulgaria camping follows again the Balkan habit of asking locals and being advised on the good spots. Infrastructure wise there aren’t that many roads to choose from and occasionally we have to take the busy national road in lack of alternatives for a few kilometres. Not exactly fun as the oncoming traffic is overtaking at any time. Right after the border we got lucky and cycled a highway in (early) construction for a few kilometres. When we’re on the super-quiet side roads cycling next to one another and collecting apples right and left our average speed drops to a ridiculous 5km/h though, so the adrenaline rush every once in a while makes sure we’re progressing πŸ™‚

There are lots of mountains right and left, but we’re only going through the valleys, apart from some fields as you’ll see below. People are friendly, all in all pretty typical Balkan – we are such experts by now πŸ™‚