Home of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

The way to Athens we started with the certainty that we have a place to stay over, Sascha found a host a few days ahead. By the time we were in 70 km from Athens and got online, we found out that our host isn’t able to help us anymore. Last minute wifi and host search needed.With little hope (as it’s very challenging to get hosted in capitals usually) I wrote to a few Couchsurfers. By my surprise we received so many positive reactions, that I actually had to choose. Athens CS community is very friendly and active. We got hosted by a fantastic couple George and Willian in a truly luxurious place which we were very thankful for, especially after 5 days of camping, probably the longest period without a proper shower, apart from the regular swims in the Mediterranean that we had 😛
George and Willian managed to bring Greece onto a new level for me. Now I have a completely different view on it. Having prejudice about the country, I thought of it as an expensive touristy EU member that is currently in economical crisis. And now it’s rather a sunny place where people look happy (they definitely don’t look depressed by any economical situation), where people can enjoy their life, not afraid of socializing, having fun, singing and dancing, where the food is fantastic, including great wines, good meat and fresh seafood and fish, and live music is heard from almost every tavern. And there is so much more to discover here – the beautiful paradise islands that we had unfortunately no time to see.
It was unbelievable to wake up every day with the sun hitting our windows, go outside in +26 C degrees and realize it’s already middle of October.
I don’t know if our experience of Athens would have been as rich and memorable if we haven’t meet our hosts. I’m tempted to think it would not be. People that we meet make all the difference. I’m thankful to them that we have a chance to learn from them, to share our experiences and to look at all these places (their homes) from the “inside” from the local perspective.
Athens was amazingly alive and beautiful, we got some time to rest a bit, relax and recover our bodies with the help of the local delicacies and sweets. It was really difficult for me to leave, I didn’t have enough of the city. Well… as they say you have to leave when it’s the best, so we did. I’m pretty sure we will come there for a second round 🙂

Thanks for your beautiful pictures Willian!


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