Cruising the Peloponnese shore to Athens

Sorry it’s been a while! We’re hopelessly behind with the blog. Now chilling in our buddy’s apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria. A long overdue break from continuous moving. More on that later.

In our attempt to avoid mountains were possible while in Greece we chose a longer route along the shore. This allowed us to go for a swim once or twice a day, very necessary as the temperatures are insane! It’s hot here! More and more we skip on “sights” (nice church for the 100th time) in search for fantastic food (yes we dont look like it – we know). I gotta admit that the combination of summer, sun, sea and awesome food doesn’t really make us miss Prague a lot. The beer does, so we stick to wine πŸ™‚


One thought on “Cruising the Peloponnese shore to Athens

  1. Just found your trip via cgoab, which I’m on.
    Just making sure it was late October you went through Greece.

    Tell me there were hardly any tourists, the weather and camping was great. We were in Europe in April. Too cold and wet.



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