Welcome to Greece!

leaving Albania, entering Greece we knew we successfully followed the sun. It’s July how we know it from Prague every day now. At least 10 times a day we look at one another and think of October weather as we know it. Nastya’s family has first snow in Kazakhstan. Germany isn’t particularly known for beachwear and flip flops in October either. We love it!

Needless to say that our fruit diet continues and has shifted again. Now it citrus fruits that Nastya snatches from the trees and farms we pass. A bit greensh on the outside, but the see test, juiciest Oranges we tasted in our lives. Picking fruits ripe and not a month in advance while they’re trucked across Europe does make a difference!

Greece is very mountainous – therefore we cycle along it’s shore. Added benefit of daily swims in the sea. Life is great 🙂