Across Albania (our new favourite country :) )

Albania is not what you expect. We read a lot and expected lots of trash and non-existing roads. Pleasant surprises not only here, but also in regards to friendly locals, great food and great (meaning low) prices. Probably we haven’t seen the “real” Albania though as we cycled through the territories that are majorly greek-orthodox. Always a reason to come back 🙂

Below you’ll see lot’s of mountains (and some more), which we managed to cycle around mostly. Questioning the GPS when it shows 9km crow flight to destination and a 35km route. Anyway – all better than endless climbs. The downhills however put such a big smile in my face that Nastya asks me to brush my teeth afterwards as I collect some flies :D.

The route covers Leskovik to the picturesque Gjirokaster. In Leskovik we (luckily) didn’t manage to get in touch with our American couchsurfing host in time so we ended up staying in a last minute hotel for less than 15 eur. Endless showers, breakfast included, pure luxury. Leskovik is up in the mountains, it’s been sunny all day, but the wind made us wear some extra clothes already at 2pm and at sunset around 6/7 we were really desperate to find a place to stay other than our Tesco tent (which is still hanging in there – focus on hanging).

4 thoughts on “Across Albania (our new favourite country :) )

  1. tent is amazing – we were joking to write Tesco about it. by now half a roll duct tape went in it, but it still protects from wind and rain 🙂


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