4000km – yes thats 4.000.000m in 4 months.

Another 1000 since our previous milestone. By now we have really gotten accustomed to approach, talk to strangers and see the beauty that comes out of these encounters, camp in the “wild” – mostly scenic places – with nobody giving a diddly whatsoever. I have seen so many mountains that I think I could watch any Winnetou movie and pin-point the scenes on a map and my phone has a 50 page long list of wifi hotspots that I connected to in these few months. WOW. Minutes of regret, pain and suffer? ZERO. Considering these have been “only” 4 months I’m absolutely amazed on how many adventures we had (the latest tonight when I though our bikes got stolen but the restaurant owner just decided to drag them all locked together in his restaurant over night). Friendly encounters? Too many to count – despite a common language even. Bad situations? None apart from that wild pig back in Hungary (that we never even saw).

The only downside really is that we’re kinda out of touch with many people we used to interact with on an almost daily level. Thanks for the 100000 hits on the blog from all over the world though! Now it’s just the two of us for the longest part of each day and we’re a great team. Not that we wouldn’t argue regularly as well, but that’s just around the question of which bread to buy 🙂

We exercise, eat great quality food, read, listen to podcasts and get inspired by people we meet in regards to music, movies, history, food. Missing in that list is yoga that I hoped to become a regular morning routine, but somehow getting out of the tent in the morning I rather fire up the stove and cook some tea 🙂 Wouldn’t call it lazy, but the wet grass isn’t particularly inviting :p

On this milestone we’re in Albania’s South. Few people and plenty of rocks. Beautiful weather – it’s the end of September and we’re in the mid-twenties with mostly sunshine (and lots of shelter when it rains).

Albania is certainly not the scary, rough and dirty place we were told and read about. We really learned our lesson in regards to forming an opinion ourselves and I’m thankful that this trip provides us with the opportunity to go and see all these countries that are not on the tourist destinations Top 5 list. To the contrary the countries that are, like the Croatian coast were disappointing as they didn’t only live up to the high expectations, but were also lacking in charm and hospitality compared to what we experienced in the not so popular places. We love poor countries – why cannot all people be like this?