Meeting the shepherd

The lightbulb is hanging from the ceiling while I’m laying on a sofa bed writing these lines. We just moved into our own house. In a village in Southern Albania. The walls of the room are freshly painted white and we cannot quite believe what a nice home we found. We regularly check the weather of the places we go to with the help of the Norwegian Meteorological Service and its mobile apps YR.NO. Rain is forecasted for tonight and tomorrow so we cycled all day to get further South as far as possible and at around 4pm were looking for a campable spot. Behind a greek orthodox church a ruin of what used to be the village school looked perfect. Fairly clean and a roof over our head that protects the tent from wind and rain. Even a toilet and running water. We sat down on the staircase outside and read our books while it was daytime. Soon after a shepherd with his flock of sheep came over and evaluated our 3 words of Albanian. We showed to the sky and learned the word for rain (and forgot soon after), shook hands and he disappeared. Soon after he shows up with a lady, the kind that speaks a lot despite the fact we understand very little. A good way though as silence doesn’t really help much and we’re both rather the quiet type. She showed us the way to this house now and brought blankets and sheets for the night. Quick break – somebody just knocked on the door – dinner time. Unbelievable, we’re being fed the most delicious, organic and super tasty delicacies.


2 thoughts on “Meeting the shepherd

  1. I have to say your stories of human kindness and generosity are blowing me away! We tend to get so cynical and fearful of the unknown (especially someplace like Albania!) and then I read a post like this and begin to think, when given the chance, people are basically good (no matter what my Czech friends say!) 🙂 Thanks for a positive start to my day!

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  2. Absolutely true. This trip changed how we approach people. Living in big cities all my life I had to get rid of a lot of prejudice and learn to take everybody for who they are. 99% great people, TV and media just ignore them on the news 🙂


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