Entering the Unknown – Day One in Albania

How many people had warned us not to come here.. How happy are we that we did! Albania – for those of you that have seen “Wag the Dog” well – it isn’t really like that. What a surprise.

we camped so close to the border that it didn’t take us 5 minutes to stand in front of the guard and realise that – once again – we’re confronted with a language that we cannot make any sense of whatsoever. We knew how to say Thanks and how to say Hi (Tung – only used in Kosovo as we later found out 🙂 ). Not exactly the way to greet the border guard 😀

My frame had cracked a bit again just under the seat post, so once we were in Pogradec we decided to find a welder. 15 min later we rolled out all set – unbelievable. Without a common language. Even 2 apples we got for the way. Certainly a great first impression. We cycled along a major road to Korçë, a predominantly orthodox city and home to the best brewery in the country. That apparently due to Czech consulting. The road – contrary to what we heard and read – was amazing. Great asphalt, little traffic and a wide shoulder. Oh I almost forgot. Where in Afghanistan you see only Toyotas on the road – this is Mercedes country. A Mercedes museum on the road. Beauty to the German eye 🙂

Speaking of Afghanistan. A lot of memories came back when cycling here. Endless mountain ranges right and left and no-matter how remote, there are always plenty of people doing things. Selling fruit, herding livestock. All those things that don’t exist where I’m from.

In Korçë we met Dimitri via Couchsurfing and his friend Edison who we stayed with that night.  They gave us a nice tour and took us to the brewery. Home sweet home.

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