Into the Wild – Mavrovo National Park

Lots of wild life – luckily we didn’t meet any of the boars, deer or even lynx (wild cats that are almost extinct) when camping in this beautiful park. We did notice some of the 124 different kinds of bird though 🙂

The park has a huge lake very high up in the mountains at about 1200m elevation. The lake has a submerged village and a church sticking out, we couldn’t find it though. Wild camping is a pretty normal thing to do here. Not that we would see many people do it, but it’s nothing surprising to the locals – in this case the young guy at the Tourist Information who even gave us tips on the best spots. The roads here are quiet, we’re surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and occasionally a mini van full of tourists chases past us leaving us to enjoy the silence and beauty. I couldn’t help it but snapped pictures after almost every corner. It’s very uplifting to start a day with a 30km downhill, being surrounded by the beauty of nature and having all the time in the world to think about friends back home, the lack of contact, our last months and what a luxury it is to be able to go see and live in a place like this for 2 days. Before getting all philosophical have a look at these pictures 🙂