Around Lake Ohrid

Arriving from the North we first came to the city of Struga where we spent some time hiding in the university by the beach waiting for the rain to finish, meanwhile using their wifi and electric plugs on the open toilet. Nice Uni πŸ™‚ We then camped in a huge and deserted campground close by and enjoyed the hot shower after our wild days in the National Park before.

Ohrid is probably the top destination to go see in Macedonia. So we went. But honestly, we’re a bit fed up with touristy places. Every couple of minutes we were approached by a local β€œDo you need accommodation?” One of them then recommended us a nice beach out of town πŸ™‚ So while rushing through Ohrid itself, we did spend a few days in the smaller villages around the lake. After a quick visit to the market where we stocked up on a replacement inner tube and some groceries. We saw many great places once we left the city. Wild camping at its best.

Our last night before crossing the border we spent in Sveti Naum Monasteri. We had a nice bottle of wine in an attempt to spend all of our remaining Macedonian Denars and camped next to a little chapel built over one of the springs. The monk who came by in the morning to refill the petroleum lamps asked us if we had slept well and wished us a good journey. Five minutes later we were at the Albanian border.