Yugoslavia part 5 – Macedonia (FYROM)

Just to make our route a bit more complicated, we went from Serbia to Skopje, (Former Yugoslavian Republic of) Macedonia.

The distance between Leskovac and Skopje was covered fast – we took a train as we were meeting with my Macedonian friend that I met back in Mlada Boleslav when I worked at Skoda. Nevena and Jonas were already there for a day at Nevena’s parents house. Her parents are amazing, we received truly VIP treatment. Nevena’s mom cooked amazing meals everyday – all must try Macedonian dishes we tried at their home (and only there so far). With the dad we learned most of our Macedonian vocabulary as we got updated daily on what is going on in the news.
As for the city itself…well, it is just booming with monuments, every 5 meters is a golden monument of Alexander the Great or a new one being built. And as we found out it all appeared just a couple years ago. The best thing to see in Skopje is Old town and Matka Canyon – very beautiful national park with the river running through the canyon. It is really worth visiting.
Even though the city is in the shadow of such amazing cities of ex-Yugoslavia as Belgrade and Sarajevo, we spent great time with Nevena. I could not imagine 3 months ago that I would sit with her and her family over a nice dinner in Skopje. It was the time we needed to rest from cycling and get ready for the new horizons ( and mountains – we have not seen Macedonia yet and Albania yet to come).


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  1. Yes, we’re aware of that. It’s however highly impractical to talk about the country and the people as Fyrom or Fyromanians – practical suggestions highly appreciated. On a side note I bet a lot of people believe Hitler was German and I’m not going to start a big teaching session because of that 🙂


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