Spending rainy days with nice people in Valjevo

It has been a while since we updated the blog. Our experience of Western Serbia feels so distant though we were in Užice just last week!

Day after day there are so many things happening that every week feels like a month. We left Užice in the morning after trying our first Lepinja Komplet (it was so so tasty!!!), we knew that we had to make it to a city called Valjevo to meet with our Couchsurfing hosts Bibljana and Igor. We had a few mountains to climb, so we decided not to procrastinate and get going. But Užice prepared a very good beginning for us. Super steep up, it was difficult even to push and we haven’t left the outskirts of the city yet 😀 After a couple of kilometers we were being overtaken by a Mahindra pickup, the driver was wondering if we needed some help ( I guess we looked pretty exhausted).  Sascha thanked the guy and politely refused the help, but after another kilometer the guy returned and asked again. This time we took him up on his offer and our bikes and the luggage were loaded to the spacious and powerful Indian ride that pulled us all the way up the mountain. Nemanja the driver was on his way to work at a meteorological station and warned us about a week of constant rain ahead. With this head-start we should make it to Valjevo today.

The road we chose was not the popular one, lots of gravel and many holes but the view and the people we met in all these small villages were rewarding. The locals give us thumbs up and shouting “My respect!” in Serbian non-stop. It’s very motivating and cheered us up a lot!

Once we made it to Valjevo we were picked up by our host Igor who immediately took us to a bar by the river were he was with friends. DJ, outside seating and the introduction to Valjevsko beer. We spent great time with Igor and Beka cycling along the river, grilling meet at his grand ma’s house, sightseeing around Valjevo and spending time chatting and having coffee. We stayed with the guys for 2 nights and decided to hit the road to Belgrade even though the weather forecast didn’t look too good.

As we learned on this trip, Serbia is a very friendly and hospitable country and never had a problem to find a host, on the contrary, in Valjevo we were accepted by 2 hosts. On our departure day, we met with Ivan our second host. Just for a quick coffee, as we intended to make it to Belgrade, the sooner the better. But somehow Ivan managed to change our mind and convinced us to stay for another day in Valjevo. We stayed 2 nights 🙂 It was really fun to spend time with Ivan and his family and friends. Ivan showed us nice places around and gave us a good tour of Valjevo, and the pretty scary Petnička cave just out of town. Later we paid a visit to the local brewery – of course we could not not miss it! On the second day another 2 couchsurfers arrived – a couple from Russia. The last night turned into a party with tasting local homemade rakija and listening to the best singer of Valjevo – he participated in Serbian X-Factor. Next morning we finally hit the road to Belgrade, it was still raining, already for 4 days and we had about 100km to make. 🙂